Leading workshops that educate around the topics of trauma, resilience and self-care are very important to me. I am a trained practitioner in an educational program, Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) with emphasis on helping others become trauma informed, understanding the effects of trauma on the body, brain and behavior, and implementing strategies that build resilience in the nervous system. This provides a framework for workshops that connect challenging behavior and trauma.

I sincerely believe that all participants of a workshop should be able to take one piece of what they have learned back to the environment they are working in. Therefore, while my workshops focus on providing information, a major portion of the workshops include strategies that participants can take with them.

Workshops I have conducted:

  • “Building Emotional Resiliency in  Preschool Children”
  • “Challenging Behaviors in the Early Childhood Setting”
  • “Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resiliency; Introductory Workshop”
  • Currently working on “Self-Care for the Caregivers”

I am open to customizing a workshop to meet the needs of your organization.  Contact me and we will discuss the specific needs that you would like to have addressed.

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