“I’ve known Lois for over 15 years and have always admired her caring heart, amazing insights and calm approach to life. As an STR therapist, she has been invaluable to my children and me. I highly recommend her!”
Gail, client

“Turning Grief into Relief”
Molly, age 14

 “STR makes me feel a lot better and helps me work out problems with others. My problems seem smaller and not so hard to deal with.”
Sam, age 11

“When I started seeing Lois, it was because I spent a lot of time yelling at my family. I knew there had to be another way of living, but I couldn’t figure out how to stop yelling at the smallest things. Somehow, I was always focused on the stresses and habits of extended family members and trying to satisfy everyone’s needs in hope of earning love from many people.
STR has helped me understand my triggers. It has helped me to trust my “gut” instinct. I have learned that I don’t have to be led by guilt or shame (ideas that are really in my head) to do things for people that make the rest of my body feel sick. I think the shocking part of STR is how quickly I was able to change some of my behaviors. By reenacting various trauma scenarios – I was able to “let them go” in a way that was real and tangible. I can tell stories from my childhood without crying. I am no longer embarrassed. I am strong, I am capable and I am worthy of everything good. These are things I couldn’t even imagine, much less put in writing a year ago.
By listening to my body, I have a better view of the “big picture” and things are going much more smoothly around the house! I can’t say that I never yell, but just that I acknowledge it for what it is – a physical outlet. Little stresses no longer control my behavior. I think that’s pretty awesome.”
Victoria, STR client