Somatic Trauma Resolution

Often we approach stressful or overwhelming life situations from a “thinking” perspective only and are not aware of the effects these events have on the whole body until physical symptoms or other difficulties emerge. Life events seem to take more energy and we begin to notice being disconnected from the way we are living our lives and the way we would like to be living.

This disconnect is often the result of past or current upset or stress which overwhelms the nervous system. This can be the consequence of a devastating event(s) but can also occur from events that may be common, everyday mishaps. For example, a medical procedure that may be routine for an adult may be overwhelming for a child.

STR is a therapeutic approach that connects both the mind and body in releasing trauma bound energy from the nervous system. By becoming aware of body sensations and tracking those, clients are able to release trauma symptoms that have created energy blocks in their nervous system, thus producing increased healing in the body.

In STR sessions, the therapist provides a safe, supportive environment for the client to explore and make mind/body connections. Making these mind/body connections helps the client build and discover personal resources that in turn create resilience in their body.   Clients also develop healthy boundaries so that they are empowered to meet new challenges in a more positive way.

STR sessions are helpful for people of all ages and appeal to children and adolescents because it focuses on body awareness and sensation instead of only talking about symptoms and causes.

If you have questions or concerns about somatic therapy that you would like to ask me, I welcome those. Use the email provided and I will respond to you or direct you to further resources.

There is currently much information about trauma, resilience and the brain as you browse for information. There is such good work being done currently and new information is coming to us daily. Somatic work is quite different from traditional therapeutic approaches and it is providing relief to many people who have struggled for years without finding the support they have been searching for.

STR is a branch of Somatic Experiencing, an approach pioneered by Dr. Peter Levine 40 years ago. If you would like to have more information, you can find it by searching for either Somatic Trauma Resolution or Somatic Experiencing. I would also recommend reading any of Peter Levine’s books, Waking the Tiger, Trauma Through A Child’s Eyes, Healing Trauma and others. Another excellent book is “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel Van der Kolk.