STR Therapy


Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) therapy is helpful for people of all ages and is effective in addressing and treating a wide range of symptoms.  People often seek help because they are not able to experience life with the vitality they would like to or they have not been able to find the healing they desire through more traditional approaches.

Some circumstances that STR has been effective with include (but are not limited to):  Anxiety, Accidents or Falls, Addictions, Childhood Abuses, Chronic Stress, Headaches, Loss and Grief, Medical Procedures, Overwhelming Life Events, PTSD, Relationships, Transitions, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts.

STR sessions appeal to children and adolescents because it involves working with body awareness and sensation instead of only talking about the symptom(s).  They don’t feel the pressure to come up with ‘right’ answers or the need to ‘talk’ for an extended period of time.  I ask that adults be in the session with their child.  Adolescents can choose that option or can meet without their adult present.

I believe that STR works well in connection with other therapies and modalities and that each serves to be a valuable part of the healing journey for the client.  For example, clients who are in Physical Therapy for an injury from an accident often heal faster after resolving the trauma bound energy from that accident.  The same holds true for traditional therapy-once the client has connected the brain and body in resolving trauma, talking more in-depth about situations is easier for the client to do.  I am open to and encourage working with you and your health care providers to determine the best path for your healing.

STR works well in personal sessions and is also effective in distance sessions. My office for personal sessions is in Colorado Springs, CO.  For distance sessions, I am available via Skype or Facetime.   Sessions are one hour for adults and 30 minutes for children. Teens have the option of a one hour or 30 minute session If you are interested in scheduling a session or would like more information about STR therapy, please leave your contact information and I will get back to you.